• The Rocket Shelf

    This shelf allows the user to bring the unknown universe into their home. With its sleek design, it fits perfectly as a cubby, the bottom used for shoes and the various shelves for hats, mittens, gloves and any other essentials needed for the climates of Canada.


    All proceeds will be donated to SickKids.

  • What We Do

    We are Skyline Shelves, a startup shelf business that focuses on providing and creating great, environmentally friendly shelves for our customers.

    Our Mission

    What we pursue

    Our mission is to create environmentally friendly and sustainable shelves so that we can preserve the Earth for as long as possible.

    Our Vision

    What our world looks like

    We envision a world where manufacturers make their products efficiently and resourcefully, in order to sustain our planet for future generations.

    Building for a Good Cause

    Giving help to those who need it

    All profits will be going to Sick Kids.

  • Creators

    The ones who started it all

    Kiran S.

    Design Specialist

    Painter, Leader, whatever you want to label her as.

    Abi B.

    Assembly director, Marketing

    Lead Builder who brings our ideas to life.

    Ike Y.

    Head engineer

    While everyone else does the leg and handwork, Ike does the mindwork.

  • Contact Us

    Questions? We got answers. Ask us anything!